Northern Arizona University
IGERT: Intergrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship

PhD Fellowship Opportunity Integrative Biosciences: Genes to Environment

Funded by the National Science Foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education, Research, and Traineeship (IGERT) Program and Northern Arizona University.

NAU’s IGERT program seeks to identify key links between genes and the environment and is designed to train exceptional graduate students in molecular genetics, environmental sciences, and spatio-temporal modeling.

IGERT Program Summary

Students, Faculty & Their Research
Application Procedure & Information
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IGERT Undergraduate Program
Resources for Ecological Analysis in R

IGERT Internships
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National Science Foundation IGERT Program
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Program Directors:
Amy Whipple, Assistant Research Professor and MP Research Station

Catherine Gehring, Associate Professor of Biology,

Maribeth Watwood, Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences,

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