NAU Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Northern Arizona University provides high quality undergraduate graduate education and research experiences in the fields of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB). There are 50 EEB faculty distributed in three departments; Biological Sciences, Forestry, and Environmental Science and Policy. View the list of “environmental” graduate courses and undergraduate courses offered at NAU.

NAU ranks 15th in the nation ( in Ecology, based upon educational quality and outcomes, faculty reputation and activity, tuition and expenses, funding and student support, as well as high student to faculty ratio. The School of Forestry is ranked 6th in the nation based upon citations per research faculty (Laband and Zhang, 2006). In Conservation Biology NAU ranks 27th in total number of publications and 37th overall in research productivity (Grant et al., 2007).

NAU’s proximity to numerous natural areas and diverse ecosystem types, ranging from deserts to alpine tundra, make it an ideal location for graduate students to conduct ecological field research.  Northern Arizona University has field stations, dedicated field sites, and high-end laboratory and research centers.

Rapidly changing dynamics related to land use, climate change, exotic species and diseases present significant challenges to our society and the natural systems which support it.  It is vital that current research and education focus attention on learning how these factors are affecting the evolutionary processes that create and sustain biodiversity. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for highly trained researchers in the fields and subfields of ecology, evolutionary biology and environmental science that NAU is meeting.


Jacqualine B. Grant, Julian D. Olden†, Joshua J. Lawler, Cara R. Nelson, and Brian R. Silliman. 2007. Academic Institutions in the United States and Canada Ranked According to Research Productivity in the Field of Conservation Biology. Conservation Biology 21:1139-1144.


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